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We’re Growing! We Have 2 New IP Addresses

Blogvisa is growing faster than we anticipated!. We're moving to new Datacenters in Frankfurt and Iowa which can support our growth. Consequently, our IP addresses would have to change to match these new datacenters.

What this means for you is a possible instability for a few minutes, worst ...


Bug Alert: Suspended Hosting Accounts

We are writing to notify you of a bug discovered in our systems which errorneously suspended a few hosting accounts for overdue invoices.

It's been difficult tracking all affected accounts. Our fear is, we might have missed some affected websites in the clean-up process. We'd therefore urge you ...


Penalties for Spammers, Scammers, Fraudsters and Other Violators

We've recently been faced with so many incidents of server downtime spanning across several hours, due to countless reports of Blogvisa hosting illegal and malicious content being placed by our clients, mainly those from Cameroon and Nigeria, on their websites.

As you know, Blogvisa, and Eternal its mother ...


Most Recent Security Updates from Blogvisa

Following our primary objective of security, we've recently implemented some security measures which would better strengthen our servers and provide you better speed and uptime. These updates might have minor consequences on your services. For cases where they do, we've provided means of handling them in brackets ...