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This message is to alert you of a mass fraud, scam and illegality sweep we carried out on our servers, with the purpose of detecting and eliminating all websites associated with illegal content, fraud and scam, as per the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States of America (where our servers are hosted), and of the Republic of Cameroon where our business operates.

This would be the second time we are carrying out such an activity, as we make it regular to do so every other year, and we regret to report that our sweep’s results almost trippled from the last one, with over a hundred websites failing our legality test. Such websites clearly violate our terms of use to which you all agreed before creating an account with us.

Respecting our privacy policy, we won’t state the violating websites in any communication of ours, whether public or with stakeholders, but we believe you know if you’re an offender.

We can’t always know what content you’d host at the time of purchase, but we believe we don’t have to be the ones to state whether your website promotes illegal content or not; you should clearly know if it does. For the purpose of clarity however, this is content which falls under one of the categories of Article 6 in our terms of use at

If you host such content, we’d offer you the benefit of time to have it transferred elsewhere before your current hosting term expires after which we shall terminate the defaulting hosting account or add-on domain, as applicable, without further warning, providing no recovery for your data.

Please do note that, as stated in our terms of use, we still hold the discretion to terminate your website before this time elapses, and this should serve as further incentive to have you act quick or lose your data without further explanation.

Furthermore, our support staff has been alerted to discontinue technical support for all violating sites, except for the purpose of helping you move to another hosting company.

We sincerely appreciate our business with all our clients, but can’t stand for values which go contrary to the ethics on which this company is being built.

We can therefore only apologise if this decision affects you, but would further warn you that further violations would lead to arbitrary and permanent loss of your accounts and all their associated services with us, whether violators or not.

We appreciate your usual kind understanding and trust in our business.

An Eternal Company Limited brand

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