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Blogvisa is growing faster than we anticipated!. We’re moving to new Datacenters in Frankfurt and Iowa which can support our growth. Consequently, our IP addresses would have to change to match these new datacenters.

What this means for you is a possible instability for a few minutes, worst case a few hours  We’re however very sure you or your clients won’t notice any change or lag in your website. There’s nothing else you need to do, unless you’re a server nerd: So for those of you clients who take SSH, DNS and IPV seriously, we’d like to inform you that we’ve changed our IP addresses.

We’re henceforth going to be using as our main (primary) IP address and as our alternative (secondary) IP address. Both addresses equally respectively match our primary and secondary nameservers.

If all this message sounds too technical for you to understand, please ignore it, with the assurance that Blogvisa has your back and your websites should be online constantly throughout this process, you have nothing to worry about.

We wish nothing less than better progress with you as we grow!

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