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Following our primary objective of security, we’ve recently implemented some security measures which would better strengthen our servers and provide you better speed and uptime. These updates might have minor consequences on your services. For cases where they do, we’ve provided means of handling them in brackets beside each update. The updates are the following:

  1. We’ve discontinued the use of PHP Version 7.1 (Update your applications to the latest versions, if you were using PHP v7.1)
  2. Introduction of PHP version 7.4
  3. Obligatory IP Blacklist for brute force attacks (If you log into any of your accounts – cPanel, Webmail, WordPress, etc. with a wrong password 5 consecutive times, you become blacklisted for 1 hour and won’t be able to log in again during that time, even with the correct credentials. In such a case, either contact our WhatsApp support or wait another 1 hour to retry again).
  4. Reset of all cPanel passwords now and every 6 months. Once you see this email, the first time you log into cPanel with your old password, you’d be asked to reset it before being able to proced (We’d advise all users to access cPanel by logging into their client area with Google Captcha protection, rather than directly through cPanel. If you don’t know your client area password, simply enter your email address and use the Forgot Password link. With this more secure method, you don’t have to even know your cPanel password. For those who still prefer the old direct cPanel login, please write our support number on WhatsApp if you can’t log in. Be aware that we shall discontinue direct cPanel logins in the future for further protection of your accounts).

Security is our primary objective here at Blogvisa, and we’d implore you to bear with us through our strict policies, which are only meant to make the internet safe for you and your website and app visitors.

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