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We’ve recently been faced with so many incidents of server downtime spanning across several hours, due to countless reports of Blogvisa hosting illegal and malicious content being placed by our clients, mainly those from Cameroon and Nigeria, on their websites.

As you know, Blogvisa, and Eternal its mother company, are integrity-driven brands which have always upheld high ethical values in all their dealings. It is for the respect of these values that we established our terms of use which all clients agreed to before creating any service with us.

It is sad that we’ve witnessed several violations of these terms, in spite of our dedication to both school users on how to avoid violating them, and to mitigate them through different protective measures on our servers. It is sadder, even though understandable, that every time we employ corrective measures, our actions are misinterpreted as responsibility by the offenders, and we are given the blame by these same offenders.

Therefore, while we try our best to be helpful especially to users who are not developers, we can no longer be responsible for every mistake they commit, which always goes to the detriment of other users of our services. It is for this reason that we’ve decided henceforth to:

  1. Manually verify and suspend/terminate all accounts which have a long history of viruses and malware.
  2. Manually verify and terminate all accounts which deal in deceptive content, including sale of illegal goods and services, impersonation and all sorts of phishing attempts.
  3. No longer provide technical support to violators of any of our terms of use, not even when their sites are automatically or manually suspended.
  4. Require all dubious-sounding domain names to provide verification of their activities before having them continue functioning on our servers.

If at the time of reading this message, your website has a suspension message, you would probably be one of the defaulters from our manual verification, and we apologize for your situation. We would gratify you with 14 days to prove to us our verification is faulty so we restore your content, else we would be left with no choice than to completely remove it off our servers. We are available as usual on our WhatsApp support numbers to point you in the right direction of resolving your issue, should you be a culprit. We’d also strongly advise all those not working with web developers to do so. Please take your websites seriously.

While we apologize for any inconveniences these measures might cause you, we assure you of very much better service owing to them.

Thanks for your continued trust in us. We will always work to protect you online at all times.

Cedric Che-Azeh Ngwa
CEO, Blogvisa

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