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Blogvisa Hosting, as of today, hosts 829 active websites and apps. We sincerely appreciate clients like you sticking with us through our policy of progressive improvements, which, even though has engineered huge leaps in our technological capacity, has also come with the challenges speedy innovation makes us face.

A few days ago, we embarked on renting out space within a collocation center in South Africa. What this comes with is greater control from the limits and censorships which current big corporations have always placed on us. Such limits were the authors of numerous problems which affected clients like yourself, from server-wide downtime to unnecessary flagging of legitimate clients. You’d thus be able to say goodbye to these problems.

Following these developments, we’ve decided to pivot our product.

Blogvisa henceforth focuses on taking over the deployment of websites, apps, software and files within different configurations from the hands of our clients who constitute developers, designers entrepreneurs and corporations. Our new product is making you feel rested and relaxed, focusing on your product or business while leaving deployment and server administration to us.

Unlike with other hosting companies, our offering isn’t the server space we give you. Our offering is the the time we give you to focus on your work, the feeling of relief by our ability to man your online services while you take a rest from server logic.

We have thus boosted our technical support, opened up a new dedicated branch to reach more clients needing on-site assistance, and above all, modified our product pricing and offering.

Changes to Our Support Offering

  1. We now provide on-site support. This means that for problems you would prefer solving physically with a technical agent, you can either invite us to your business premise — or visit one of our offices — in Douala, Yaounde or Buea.
  2. We also provide full WordPress and programming Support. This means we would not require you to hire a developer to solve issues with the design or coding of your websites or apps, as we did require in the past. Whether building with WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, PHP, NodeJs, Python, etc., if your site or app is deployed on our servers, we do provide you support in handling issues present on that app or website.
  3. On-site support away from our offices is limited to server and WordPress issues. Programming issues would only be solved online or in our offices.
  4. We’ve updated our Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy to account for the limits and types of access you give our developers who work on your code.

Our New Price Offering

Our prices have been modified exclusively for shared hosting. The first and most important change is we’ve discontinued the WordPress Hosting Package. Another major change is the limit we’ve placed on the total number of websites you can own on a single package. Here are the details below:

Starter Package
XAF 24,000
Free Domain Name
1 Website
Unlimited Resources *
Business Package
XAF 34,000
Free Domain Name
10 Websites
Unlimited Resources *
Ultimate Package
XAF 64,000
Free Domain Name
25 Websites
Unlimited Resources *
Domain loss protection
* By unlimited resources, we mean unlimited emails, disk space, bandwidth, SSL Certificates, sub-domains, databases, FTP accounts, sub-accounts, etc.

A Few Important Precisions

  1. Price modifications take effect immediately.
  2. All owners of the WordPress Package would not be affected until their current hosting period expires. Upon renewal, they will be expected to upgrade to at least the Starter Package.
  3. The pricing of domain names, Reseller Hosting, VPS and Cloud Hosting remain unchanged.
  4. Clients with a business Hosting package having above 10 websites (Addons) would be automatically upgraded to the Ultimate Package for free. They can downgrade at any time as long as their accounts have below 10 Addons.
  5. Clients with a Business or Ultimate Hosting Package having above 25 websites would be expected to cut down on their addons by August 1st. If this isn’t done, their accounts shall be backed up by a server administrator, and the extra addons terminated, first on the basis of the activeness of the domain name, and then on an alphabetical basis.

We are looking forward a very much better experience serving you. Our main goal henceforth is to make you feel rested and relaxed. Focus on your work, leave the server hassle to us!

Thanks for continuing to share our vision!

Blogvisa Co. LTD
Bonapriso, Douala

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